Need a little spark to get your Friday really going? Chicago’s Young Wolf, a fairly new face to the scene, has something fresh he just twisted up and is already smokin’ on it so it’s time to play catch up. With only a few tracks floating around as it is and his much anticipated Blue Flamingo EP still on its way some time this summer I think it’s clear he’s here to make a statement with this latest track he just dropped with 2wo 1ne last week. With a simplistic catchy beat fueling this entire anthem you can’t but help get wrapped into the steadily knocking bass and rolling snares as Young Wolf comes in to do his thing. 2wo 1ne fills in for a bit but Wolf comes back in full strength to serve us up one last time. Thankfully Wolf hooked this tune up for free just like every thing else he has dropped thus far so give this a good ear before you dive in to see what else Young Wolf has up his sleeve until Blue Flamingo finally debuts.

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