Enig’matik is one of those musical imprints that has a real knack for stumbling upon a lot of talented producers right as they truly began to bud. This most recent release Fucertc comes from the fairly unknown Japanese sound crafter Notuv. Notuv is one of those producers that is truly pushing the growing glitch scene in Japan, weaving together wildly textured soundscapes into lush melodies in ways that simply make your mind whirl. This two track EP he just released through Enig’matik is a perfect dosage of glitched out goodness for all of those out there that are fans of Tipper and Bluetech be sure not to sleep on Notuv, this guy has some skills. Until we see another release from this skillful producer this will have to tide us over, but incase it’s just not enough I have also tacked on his own rework of Sweatson Klank‘s ‘I Shouldn’t Be Here’ for your additional listening pleasure.

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