Welcome ladies and gents to our newest weekly series titled Sunday Music Relief! We all know how fast the weekend can go by whether you spent the time hanging with friends, out partying or simply taking care of business. However, come Sunday most of us will be tired from the weekend past and prefer to just settle down, relax and recover. Sunday Music Relief is a series that we created to help assist you in your recovery; providing a handful of soothing and mellow tracks, both old and new all for your audible pleasure. For this week we have new songs from Cuft, Karma Kid, Kruisemode, Sqz Me and more! So relax, press play and get yourself back into tip-top shape with our new series Sunday Music Relief!

Entire set:

:: Juan Cristobal ::

Juan Cristobal on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

:: Emiljio A.C. ::

Emiljo A.C. on Facebook | SoundCloud

:: Cleindl ::

Cleindl on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

:: Jensen Sportag ::
Jensen Sportag on Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

:: Kognitif ::

Kognitif on Facebook Soundcloud

:: The Weeknd ::

The Weeknd on Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

:: Saqi ::

:: Rylee Rabbit ::

:: Coleco ::

Coleco on Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

:: Onra :: 

Onra on Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

:: Vintage Culture ::

Vintage Culture on SoundCloud

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