Dog Blood

Oh the sweet sweet irony of Dog Blood releasing new music this week has never felt so good. After the events that took place on the grounds of Lollapalooza this past Sunday, it’s safe the say Dog Blood’s name recognition is growing rapidly at the moment. The combination of Skrillex and Boys Noize behind the decks is quite frankly jaw dropping. Those who experienced the visuals and thunderous amounts of bass at the Perry’s Stage can express how the two artists created quite the environment to further establish themselves as a duo who are sitting pretty on top of the electronic music world. Today they release three new tracks  from their upcoming Middle Finger Pt. 2 EP for our audible pleasure! A new edit of “Middle Finger” the chilled out heater “Chella Ride” and the hard rock/electronic style tune “Shred or Die.”  Listen to remixes from OWSLA artists The M Machine and Millions Like Us. This EP will be available to download on August 20th; until then “THROW YO MIDDLE FINGER IF YOU FEEL THIS RELEASE.” Enjoy mes Amis

1. Chella Ride
2. Shred Sled (Kill Em With The Beat)
3. Middle Finger Part 2
4. Middle Finger Part 2 (Millions Like Us Remix)
5. Middle Finger Part 2 (The M Machine Remix)
6. Middle Finger Part 2 (Trapmasters Remix)
7. Middle Finger Part 2 (Video Mix)
8. Shred Sled (Kill Em With The Beat) [Instrumental]

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