Looking for a nice rationing of head nodding beats to cool down your Thursday afternoon? Earlier this week the prestigious HuhWhat & Where Recordings brought us the newest batch of tunes from the skillful beat maestro Mike Gao. This follow up to his last release ‘Beta World Peace’ comes in on a fairly different tip than its precursor but every bit of Mike’s sound is still encapsulated in each track on ‘Quadruple Entendre’. If you’re unfamiliar with Mike Gao you must first understand that he’s by no means afraid to take things where other producers wouldn’t dare. Through crafting wildly complex layered beats Mike has truly carved his own unique niche in the beat scene over the years. ‘Quadruple Entendre’ takes us through stages of wanting to be lounged back comfily on our sofa to being up and about grooving through our apartment with tracks such as Have2Go, the Axela remix, and the wildly textured Count On You. On top of this being a smorgasbord of constantly shifting beats this is also Miko Gao’s first entirely free release! So be sure to take advantage of this opportunity because it was definitely something that was a long time coming for him. Be sure to give each of these tracks a good listen as your sift through ‘Quadruple Entendre’ and don’t be shy to throw Mr. Gao a little donation if you feel so inclined!!

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