As fans of music become more engaged in the digital world, its time for event creators to meet them in this space, and rise above an industry flooded with bland marketing tactics.

SinLabel, a Chicago based live music production company – music tech startup, is taking a new digital approach to how the electronic music world interacts, discovers, and thrives. By aggregating fan data from both external social media sites along with robust internal resources; fans, artists, promoters, and venues come together to create a streamlined live experience.

“We go way beyond promoting to fans, we’re a resource for artists to build their fan base and for talent buyers to book with confidence,” says SinLabel’s founder Danny Schwartz. “Fans rewarded for seeing more of their favorite music, artists are getting booked for more shows, and venues are being packed.” The group has been promoting and buying talent for events privately using SinLabel for the past year, increasing venue turnouts by an average 20-40%.

Derek Specs, owner of Primary (Chicago’s number one nightclub according to Yelp) says, “These guys are constantly ahead of the curve, bringing in fresh talent that my crowd loves.” He attributes much of his club’s success to his involvement with SinLabel.


SinLabel has proven its concept in their events over the past 18 months. Through their successes buying talent, hosting and promoting; they have gathered a diverse landscape of clientele. Each venue branded towards different sounds allowing them to reach a wide array of fans. They’ve set out to put people in front of the artist they crave and unite them with music that they love.

“I have been working with SinLabel for almost a year now and they have taken my events to another level. They know exactly what sound is right for the room and continue to impress me with talent while other talent buyers can’t seem to get it right,” says Robbie Schloss, owner of ChiIL Productions, Chicagoʼs top entertainment company. “When SinLabel puts their name on something they make sure every aspect of the event meets their brands standards and the guest experience is of the utmost importance. On top of it all they are a great group of guys and are a pleasure to work with. I’m looking forward to the launch of their upcoming project and you can bet it will be a game changer.”

SinLabel’s unique digital approach gathers and filters real-time user behavior to attract and connect fans, aid promoters, book artists, and pack venues. The beta platform is currently in testing and is set to publicly launch in Fall 2013. The company is currently raising funds to complete their initial development stages through their crowd-funding campaign (


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