Though Australia may be one of the hotter places on Earth there is one Aussie who is cooling things down with each and every track he puts out.  He goes by the name Plastic Plates (imagine the amount of sales emails he gets from plastic companies).  Though Plastic Plates is now an LA transport, he has impressed us in the past with originals and remixes that are equal parts funky and fresh, even with a dash of cool.  His patented style of disco infused house music is best ingested on hot summer days by the pool or late at night in a small club where you can’t see three feet in front of you because the fog machine is on blast.  However you choose to enjoy this new tune from Plastic Plates, know that you’ll feel like a new man (or woman) afterwards and be ready for whatever comes your way.

Download Plastic Plates’s “Come On Strong” on iTunes today.


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