We warned you guys you might not be ready for this, but oh well, here it goes anyway! Today we have a brand spankin’ new exclusive for each and every one of you. This special tune comes from our friend Wubbles a fresh face to the bass scene that clearly has his sleeves packed with a heavy arsenal of gut wrenching to satiate those yearning eardrums. Wubbles just came up on our radar with his own unique take on bass music and he has been quick to drop a handful of originals and remixes alike in the past few days. It seems like we reached out at the perfect time because Wubbles had this banger on deck and it was just begging to be unleashed upon the public. Coming at us all the way from Charleston, SC it’s clear Wubbles is here to make a name for himself as he has already had support from some top charting artist on his previous release ‘Mindfulness’ (we will throw a link to that in below) that has been straight going wild over on his SoundCloud. Enough is enough with my small talk, dive in to this raunchy bass driven adventure and be sure to hope on over to his personal SoundCloud page to snag that download!!


Wubbles on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud


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