Sunshine/Moonlight - His Majesty Andre

Sunshine/Moonlight – His Majesty Andre

The latest two-track release in His Majesty Andre‘s illustrious arsenal of club-rocking house tunes is a a uniquely produced mini-EP entitled Sunshine/Moonlight. The initial track features provocative vocal samples from the beautiful and talented singer Anna Lunoe, mixed with grime-sounding bass rhythms, epic rising synths and disco-ey violin melodies. Coupled with the second track, the antithetical “Moonlight” pushes and pulls your body with a darker and more Gesaffelstein-sounding bass and clap rhythm, all the while rinsing your ears with anthemic synth stabs between smooth ambient chords. These two tracks are dynamic in succession to each other, and the extent of creative direction taken within each track is truly what brings us back for more with each new listen. Check out this mean and serene new double-release from the one and only His Majesty Andre and as always, show this producer some love if you’re digging the sounds!

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