Old Skool (Static Groove) - Televisor

Old Skool (Static Groove) – Televisor

Back again with another powerful release, NY’s Static Groove is bringing out the heavy artillery with this glitch-hop, dubstep, and disco influenced new remix of “Old Skool” by Televisor! Combining a unique combination of drum breakdowns, funk samples, and 80’s robot vocals, this multi-genre’d new release is extremely catchy and irresistibly dance-able. The snare hit alone within the tune is extremely menacing, and its placement over funk guitar riffs and heavy bass lines is enough to exhilarate any kind of bass head. Static Groove has been featured on the site multiple times beforehand, but never have they shown so much quality and uniqueness in their creativity and energy, so if you like what you hear go show Static Groove some love and share this funkadelic party starter with your friends and family- it’ll bring down the house!

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