bigsean-kdot-jayelect-copyIf you’re a fan of hip-hop or just read the internet at all, chances are you’ve heard about the insane bonus track that leaked of Big Sean‘s forthcoming sophomore album, featuring Kendrick Lamar & Jay Electronica– and now we have the explicit version (and without the annoying Funkmaster Flex drops). The first three minutes is all Big Sean– and honestly he could have put this part out as a single for the album; the beat is huge, and Big Sean isn’t talking about cash or asses the whole time, instead talking about how he’s the “new version of the old me.”

And then Kendrick Lamar comes in. Starting off with his signature vocal effects, Kendrick comes through with a repeated line that could easily be the hook of a hit song, singing in his high-pitched voice, “bitch I don’t smoke crack, I sell it!” Then when he starts rapping, he absolutely tears apart the song with a vengeance- he is hungry and doesn’t leave anything out on this one. He ends his verse by calling out a large amount of up-and-coming rappers right now, saying “new ni**as is just new ni**as” and he’s absolutely turned the rap game upside down with these few bars. It’s not a diss track per say, Kendrick is just saying he wants to be better than all the rest and is raising the bar higher for the competition- and only after a day we have seen responses from some of the people called out in the track, including Lupe Fiasco and Joell Ortiz, who was mad that Kendrick crowned himself “King of NY.”

After what people are already calling the verse of the year (sorry Kanye, this is leaps and bounds above your second “New Slaves” verse), Kendrick hands the mic over to Jay Electronica, and by now people should know that following Kendrick Lamar is no easy feat. Jay Electronica is one of the most hyped about artists in rap right now however, while releasing only a handful of songs and an album that is years in the making, but even he can’t hold a torch to the fire that Kendrick laid down before him. When Kendrick is talking about raising the bar, he’s talking to you too, Jay.

Overall as a song I think it’s one of the best rap records of the year and I am surprisingly very excited to see what Big Sean has in store for us when Hall of Fame when it drops on August 27th.

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