Tropkillaz and Dirty Aud!o

The power and reach of music these days is at levels our predecessors could only dream of as the way find, listen, and obtain music has evolved greatly over the last few years. The advances in music sharing through sites like SoundCloud, Beatport, or The Dankles is not only beneficial for fans but artists as well, who can also discover and track different artists from around the world and possible reach out to collaborate on music together. The Brazilian trap and bass duo  Tropkillaz recently combined forces with Los Angeles native D!RTY AUD!O to create another twerkable track to get you through the rest of the week. “HAHAHA” features a beat that will make regular activities like commuting around town, working out at the gym, or shopping for groceries  surprisingly enjoyable. Take advantage of the free download and be sure to follow both Tropkillaz and D!RTY AUD!O for more music in the future! Enjoy mes Amis

Tropkillaz on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud
D!RTY AUD!O on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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