This Friday, August 16th, we will be hosting Candyland at The Conspiracy Room at The Uptown Theater in Kansas City. Also performing will be DFace, Johnny Hammerstix, Matej B and Lektrik. With all of this talent in one show it will be a night for the books. Since the last show we hosted for Candyland in NYC, they have been making some serious moves. From performing at Global Dance Festival at Red Rocks to perfecting their fresh label Sweet Shop records, we made sure not to miss a thing in this interview. Also if you’re interested in attending the show in Kansas check below this interview for more information!

The Dankles: Let’s start with name, age and where you guys are from?
Candyland: Josie, 21 and Ethan, 21. We’re both from Santa Barbara, Calif.

TD: If you could collaborate with any musician dead or a live who would it be?
Candyland: Michael Jackson

TD: Where has your favorite venue to perform been?
Candyland: Red Rocks for sure. Always been a goal for us. It’s really crazy to see.

TD: Where do you guys go or what do you do when you need inspiration for a new track?
Candyland: I think it’s a number of things from feelings and situations and spiritual. Many things can inspire a record.

TD: How did you guys prepare for Global Dance Festival at Red Rocks?
Candyland: Just tried to hold it together and not freak out about how awesome it was haha.

TD: Did your set go as planned?
Candyland: yeah for the most part! was weird to have Ethan drumming directly behind me on this platform rather than beside me. Also we have these giant 18 foot air dancers, and giant beach balls that we normally throw out to the crowd but the mountain wind was blowing so hard those balls were literally gone like the wind. But it was still very fun!

TD: Are you guys planning on changing or improving anything about your set from Global at Red Rocks?
Candyland: Yes, when we come back to red rocks were gonna have something totally different for everyone. We’re also gonna have more afro’s to shoot out to the crowd and more t-shirts, and possibly a bigger t-shirt gun. Maybe even a t-shirt cannon or bazooka of some sort.

TD: So as you know, Hy-Tekk and ourselves are hosting your upcoming show in Kansas City, why is this one of the few shows you are playing outside of festivals?
Candyland: I’m not sure! we have yet to go to Kansas City so this will be new for us.


TD: My favorite remix by you guys lately is of Knife Party’s “LRAD”, how was producing that track?
Candyland: Well we knew we wanted to make another OG mix, and we were thinking of ideas then kinda had a feeling there would be a bunch of “LRAD” trap remixes but we went for it anyways.

TD: When did you guys start Sweet Shop Records?
Candyland: Last year, but we didn’t really enjoy just releasing random songs all the time, and didn’t feel like we had a super big connection with the artist so we stopped and changed up everything about the label. We signed artists rather than just tracks and were actually helping them learn the business, and help them with everything not just the music. It’s become very rewarding and awesome so were more stoked on Sweet Shop more than anything right now!

TD: What made you want to create your own label?
Candyland: We wanted to have a label for some time now, but didn’t know when was the best time to do that. So we just went for it! We have a awesome team behind us so they help out a lot with it!

TD: What genres does Sweet Shop Records focus on?
Candyland: literally everything. We have a artist making super chill trap, an artist who makes hard style/dubstep, trap, and everything under the sun. Also an artist who is making some weird trap/dubstep hybrid. and these two aussie kids who are making straight up 80’s style tracks. we’re all over the board.

TD: Do you guys have any big plans for Sweet Shop Records in the future?
Candyland: Oh yes! Lots of free music, giveaways, tours, shows, its more of a lifestyle brand than a label. We just happen to release music too.

TD: What do you like to do in your free time when you aren’t in the studio?
Candyland: Ethan loves to surf, and Josie’s all about hanging with family and friends.

TD: What’s one of your craziest stories from being on the road?
Candyland: oh geez, I’ve had some crazy interactions with strangers on planes. I could go on forever about that. hmmmm some girl like almost died trying to crowd surf at our show, I mean I wouldn’t call it a crowd surf more like a trust fall, that went bad!

TD: I’ve got to ask Josie, how long have you been rockin’ the fro? Because we love it.
Candyland: Honestly, I never used to rock the fro. I did it for a show once like two years ago, and never went back.

TD: Thanks for chatting with us, any last words or shout outs?
Candyland: Shout out to Koyote, Colin, Mikey, John, Cody, Ian, and Anthony.

Rapid fire

TD: Age you started producing?
Candyland: We’ve been making music since we were youngins.

TD: Favorite track you’ve ever produced?
Candyland: I think Ethan would agree this new dubstep tune that isn’t out yet

TD: Last show you attended you didn’t perform at?
Candyland: adventure club at exchange in LA

TD: Track that has been on repeat lately?
Candyland: “My Number” by Foals

TD: Favorite artist you have performed with?
Candyland: Knife Party

TD: Favorite movie?
Candyland: Mean Girls

TD: Favorite food?
Candyland: Spaghetti

TD: Favorite TV show?
Candyland: Too many to list, but right now Orange Is The New Black

TD: Favorite candy?
Candyland: blue Jolly Ranchers

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