Sub Focus has been toying with his fans for four long years, but we finally have news that the UK drum and bass artist will be releasing an album titled, Torus, on September 23rd.   Over the last year and some change we’ve heard near-perfect examples of powerful dance music.  There was the bass-heavy and still awesome, “Falling Down” and then “Endorphins” and “Tidal Wave” followed.

It is obvious in retrospect that Sub Focus was gearing up for a full-length release, and you can be sure that “Falling Down” and a couple others will be found on the track list.   The first official single on the records is “Turn It Around” featuring lovely vocals from Kele of Bloc Party.  The track’s melody and production isn’t my cup of tea but the vocals make the track for me.  I can forget about the semi-bland production and listen to Kele’s voice on repeat for hours.  Grab the new single tomorrow, September 15th, on iTunes.  Also if any UK fans are following Sub Focus, his fall album tour tickets are now on sale.


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