JakwobBoth Bring Me The Horizon and Jakwob  hail from the United Kingdom and come together from two distinct worlds to create the “Can You Feel My Heart” remix.  BMTH’s background is more on the rock/punk side of the spectrum, working with producer Terry Dates (who is known for his work with the likes of Linkin Park, Pantera, Slipnot, Limp Bizkit & more) on their lastest “Sempiternal” album.  Jakwob, owner of Boom Ting Records has always immersed himself in our more familiar realm of electronically produced beats; recently most notable for “Fade” featuring Maiday.  As the original version of “Can You Feel My Heart” is an intensely emotion driven with a rigid and more heavy rock sound, Jakwob departs from the path to bring a different feeling to the table.  Utilizing portions of the vocal layer, with glitch manipulation, Jakwob relays the message of loneliness without the undertone of anger portrayed in the original version.  Mixing morphing subtle growls that he pairs with swift drum lines/kicks and light, airy synth lines, Jakwob spins the emotion from an external anger to a more intrinsic reflection of the sadness that is caused by hurt and feeling solo in the grand scheme of things.  As we all try to “find the silver lining” in our lives, Jakwob’s interpretation of the feeling bleeds through the bars in a more comprehensible manner, in my opinion, than the original MBTH version.


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