One of the most trill artists in the rap game just got their swerve leveled-up by San Francisco beat producer Blackbird Blackbird.  When A$AP Rocky dropped his album at the start of the year it brought a whole new side of hip-hop with beats from producers you wouldn’t expect.  Hell, even Skrillex was on there.  I think Blackbird Blackbird is on the verge of announcing an EP or LP.  Back in June he released a new single titled, “Refresh” (read more and download).  Since then there were a couple of bootleg remixes but nothing substantial since the single.  I’d be stoked to hear a full length from this inspiring artist that seems to create an entirely new sound with each effort.   According to Blackbird Blackbird’s Facebook he remixed this track because he, “just had to do it”.  Can’t blame him for that.  The song is full of off-time and unusual drum bits, shiny front-end lead production and wind-chime sounds that will comfort you from start to finish.  Give this new remix a whirl and be ready to press repeat.


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