Two forward thinking beat producers from New York have teamed up for a trill lullaby of sorts.  Sweater Beats has come a long way, in terms of sound and style, since the days of the funky “Baby Baby Baby” and “Like That”.  The turn towards more hip-hop oriented beat music might have been when he released the huge tune “MLLNDLLR“.  Arnold, a producer under the label M|O|D, is still just getting his start, but he’s doing it in a big way.  First, you can’t go wrong with the M|O|D crew and Arnold’s most recent release, a split EP with C.Z., was released by one of the best labels in the game right now, Wedidit.

The track, “Jello Drip” was premiered yesterday via LFTF, but can now streamed via Soundcloud below.  I wish this track could play in the background of all my dreams.  A shuffling, half-sprint of a track that leaves you lightly bouncing and swaying to its smooth beat the entire way through.  Fluid sounds, dripping water and distorted guitars characterize the track in a way that few have done before and the result is remarkable.

P.S.  I want to live life through Susboy’s always hidden eyes.


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