Last night Detroit rapper, Danny Brown, sent out a tweet with the link to the above youtube video and since then I haven’t been able to stop pressing repeat.  The new track is titled, “Hand Stand” and if you haven’t caught on by now, yes, a good portion of the track talks about twerkin’ with hands on the floor and feet on the wall.  Once again, Danny Brown spits out lines like he’s just having a regular conversation.  Darq E Freaker kills it on this bouncy, almost grime-like beat.  His flow is insane and his album, Old, is certainly going to be on to look out for.  Though Danny has threatened leaks of the new album because of release date issues, Old has been scheduled for an October release from Fool’s Gold Records.  Earlier this week, Danny Brown premiered a hour-long documentary shot in 2009, watch it here.


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