Just in case your Monday is already in full swing we figured we’d hit you guys with a lil something to keep those feet working so they can go about supporting you throughout the rest of the day. Just at the beginning of the weekend our friends RaceCarBad and Wooferface put out their latest collaborative effort which has been donned the ‘Bank EP’. Consisting of the original track ‘Bank’ and a remix from Tanner Caldwell it will be clear to you pretty soon how this release got its title. Busting our eardrums with a sickly catchy juke rhythm and sliding in sexy saxophone samples where they found fitting the original has definitely hooked me in a little more than the remix though each of them are sure to get you up and shuffling. You can swoop this EP for free so don’t be shy, go and click on that Free Download tab, you know you wanna.

Bonus Remix:

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