If you’re a fan of Bluetech as it stands then you already know what’s up. If Bluetech is a new name on your radar it truly is about time you opened your eyes and found the true bliss he manages to compile in his music. Being that Evan Bartholomew is one of the most talented sound designers I have come across it pleases me to bring you guys his latest effort promptly entitled ‘Basement Dubs EP’. Swirled up in this brand new five track release we see the dawning of 3 new remixes and two original tunes as well. Throughout this 34 minute peek inside Bluetech’s productive conscious we are dealt everything from low sub frequencies to downtempo dancefloor melodies that bend and warp their way into his very own ambient soundscapes. But wait there’s more! This is a very special EP because the funds are not going directly to Bluetech but to another fund of sorts, I will leave you with a few words from Bluetech himself to fill you in on this added goal of the ‘Basement Dubs EP’.  In case you haven’t heard Bluetech will be hitting the road this fall so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a stop near you (stops listed above). Oh and just in case you’re out in the Colorado area be sure you don’t miss his upcoming show at the Fox Theatre on September 12th!!

“In my efforts to be an example of change in the way I approach and utilize technology in my art, I am attempting to convert my work space to a solar powered studio. Funds raised from the sale of this EP will go towards this goal, and your support is greatly appreciated”
– Bluetech

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