Between VilliansCaptain Murphy is every Flying Lotus fan’s dream come true.  Last July, Captain Murphy made his first appearance on a Flying Lotus track “Between Friends (feat. Earl Sweatshirt & Captain Murphy)” (read here) without unveiling Captain Murphy’s true identity. That first track Captain Murphy appeared on sent shockwaves through the rap world with everyone guessing who the captain truly is.  His deep voice made many people speculate Tyler, The Creator to be the master behind the ever changing voice of Captain Murphy.  That made sense since Tyler is always fucking with people on the internet and his fellow Odd Future homie Earl was on the track.  “Between Friends” instantly became my favorite of the year because it’s unlike anything iv’e ever heard.  Earl and Captain Murphy trade verses and even share parts of a verse with effects looping in and out; at some points it’s hard to tell who is rapping.  It wasn’t until a Captain Murphy show that Steven Ellison took his mask off unveiling Captain Murphy and the legendary Flying Lotus are in fact the same person.

Just over a year later, Adult swim bring us the sequel to “Between Friends” in their singles series.  This time, the captain doesn’t bring the friendly song as he did alongside Earl Sweatshirt last summer.  In Captain Murphy’s debut album, Duality (read here), Flying Lotus created a cult leading charactor for himself, a villian if you will.  It only makes sense that the captain call up a couple other villians for his sequal to the forward thinking “Between Friends”  Viktor Vaugn (MF Doom) is a perfect fit as his daunting voice on top of the eerie beat sends shivers down my spin.  All three emcees on this track are villians in their own way. MF Doom of course wears his mask, fitting the part of a villian spitting lines “S.O.B and smug to the upmost // Cut it close and catch a slug to your gut boss, word to Thutmost”.   Or Earl Sweatshirt, who is an integral part of Odd Future (for some time they only rapped about deranged, evil shit) adds “I’m in the cut looking for some puss to pick apart // Dirty like us riding in the whip that really isn’t ours”. Captain Murphy typically has a multitude of effects swimming with his voice. However, on “Between Villians” most of the effects drop out so it’s just Steven Ellison’s voice. Bringing out the true villian that Captain Murphy “Interject in niggas’ verses with this book of witches curses // I cast a spell upon your bitches but my thirst is for the hearses” Steven Ellison doesn’t ever disappoint and I cannot wait to hear what else he has in store for Captain Murphy.  Grab the free download below.

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  1. yahp miss old mf doom… operation doomsday was so good. Not to say new shit isn’t good, that album just embodied him. Scoody doo samples?? HEY!

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