If you’re a fan of indie-dance music and you haven’t given RAC a chance yet you’re missing out on some of the best!  RAC began back in 2007, as a small collective of artists that remixed other indie records for fun.  Fast forward a couple more years and RAC started gaining traction and released their first (and official) remix for The Shins.  Then a couple more years later, RAC released their first original, “Hollywood ft. Penguin Prison“.  In the present day, RAC has stayed true to its origins, re-interpreting artist’s tracks that are turned into infectious remixes.  Today’s track, “Let Go” is RAC’s second original to date and it couldn’t be more perfect.  Featuring lovely and perfect vocals from MNDR and Kele of Bloc Party!  That’s two huge artists on one track and RAC even notes that Bloc Party was the first remix he even made back in 2005.  Listen to the track below and purchase it tomorrow.

P.S. if you haven’t read our interview with RAC, read it here.


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