artworks-000055579616-z91njs-t500x500The Weeknd did something unusual from the singer’s typical track fo this remix. Abel simply did what one should do when remixing a song: create something better than the original.  Lorde has such a smooth, crisp voice yearning for producers to freshen her songs up.  Just a few days back Easy Girl flipped Lorde’s “Million Dollar Bills” (read here), and I wouldn’t be surprised to see more remixes of her tracks.  The original doesn’t have much to the instrumental other than a drum beat and simple bass line, but this remix add a more structured, upbeat drum beat.  The Weeknd mends bouncy synths with the catchy vocal elements “Royals”.  This tune isn’t entirely different, but The Weeknd  drifted away from his traditional sound to create an infectious song. 


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