Everyone likes exclusive tracks right? Yeah, that’s what we thought. Though we see many offers come and go over here at The Dankles sometimes we truly like to seize an opportunity, especially when we get offered a track not even included on the official release! Just last week our friends over at MalLabel Music dropped their latest release from the devilish west coast producer After Empire and if you guys have been sleeping on it it’s about time you woke on up!! Promptly titled ‘Make it Twerk’ you can only guess what might be churned up in this raucous three track EP. From gut wrenching basslines to the trillest of snare rolls  you’re sure to be pummeled with some rhythms you just can’t get enough of from After Empire. On top of the fact he just dropped a new EP After Empire and MalLabel have also been gracious enough to kick us this lil remix he did of Audien‘s ‘Leaving You’ for free to really suck you guys in! Let the lasers fly and the ratchets bounce as you dig through this new batch of tracks from MalLabel and After Empire.

Buy ‘Make It Twerk’ on Beatport


After Empire on Facebook | SoundCloud

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