Eastcoasters your better be ready for this one. Coming down the pipes tomorrow for all of our listening pleasures will be the latest collaboartive release from Hefna Gwap and T-Shyne in the form of their new mixtape ‘Sloppy Tuna’. To tide us all over until the whole enchilada drops on Tuesday they tossed us the self titled track a few days back and boy has it been getting some love! Though I’m fairly unfamiliar with Hefna Gwap it seems like he will be a great counterpart to T-Shyne on this new tape as his flavor tends to go with Shyne’s fairly seamlessly. Backed by a haunting laid back beat it’s refreshing to see T-Shyne accepting his Hamptons roots more directly than we have heard in the past as we get to take a trip out to the East end of Long Island where he paints a picture of how we really do it. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the full mixtape tomorrow on

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