Noname Gypsy

With her first big exposure being the female verse on Chance the Rapper’s track, “Lost”, off his sophomore mixtape, Noname Gypsy proved she has her shit together. When I first heard her dark and sexy yet slightly humorous lyrics I was blown away. Words slide outta her raspy voice flowing to the beat and there’s a good chance I have a lil mini girl crush on her. Noname Gypsy is a Chicagoan making her way up in that growing hip-hop scene. Her debut mixtape, Telefone,is planned for release soon. Big things are expected from this female rapper. Her track, “Baby”, shows off her lovey-dovey side with lyrics thickly layered in romance and sex. Her track pays tribute to the 1996’s hit, “My Boo”, by Ghost Town Djs. To put it short; dis bitch is furreal.


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  1. I’m a huge fan and agree with this wholeheartedly! Best female rapper out..can’t wait for her album to drop so I can jam to some real rap music. Wish her the best and I hope she gets the attention she deserves in this rap industry.

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