It’s been a minute since we heard from Barcelona resident Sinjin Hawke.  The Pelican-Fly accossiate is known for his mind-boggling approach to bass music.  Nothing ordinary will be found here and that’s what makes Pelican-Fly such a great label, their diversity is huge.  Sinjin Hawke takes on ghetto-house legend DJ Funk’s track “Three Fine Hoes”.  The original is a bass rumbling, booty-bouncying track on its own, but Sinjin adds his special flair to the track to create something entirely new and sexy.  The beginning of the track sounds like the opening of a 1950’s movie with big horns endlessly building on top of each other.  Eventually we drop into a little foot working section that will leave your head spinning.  Inbetween these horns and footwork we’re given some sexy R&B style rhythms that are impossible to skip.  Do yourself a favor and grab this download via FACT magazine.


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