Sometimes remix EP’s can be a bit of a daunting listen for some. But shit, when a release is as stacked as KING‘s ‘Koncepts (remixes)’ its hard to not enjoy every minute. With an artist lineup that takes you all over the sound spectrum it makes us happy to see remixes from Stabber, Starkey, G Jones, Dev79, Air Stegosaurus and MANIKAN all featured on this release. Now a few of these remixes are not for the faint of heart so make sure those speakers are really cranked up as you dive into this new Seclusiasis (which if you didn’t yet realize is backed by Starkey and Dev79 themselves!). Now we can only get a little taste of the remixes wrapped up in here so take advantage of this Air Stegosaurus and G Jones remix streaming below and if those eardrums are really itching for the rest jump on over on Juno Download to this bad boy for yourselves!

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