The Hamburg, Germany duo known as Digitalism is responsible for many the electro tracks I still listen to these days. Though The Dankles might have an emphasis on bass music, a few of us first started listening electronic music before anything else.  Boys Noize, Crookers, Justice and of course Digitalism.  “Electric Fist” is an upcoming cut from their new EP titled, Lift, that will released worldwide on September 23rd via Kitsuné (but if you have access to Beatport Lift is available on August 26th).  This release marks the a return to Kitsuné, where the duo first got their sound exposed to the world.

Lift also marks one of the first times that Digitalism has collaborated with others.  It’s weird that this is coming so late into their career when many other electronic artists collaborate with other producers on nearly every track.  On “Electric Fist” the duo had Mike Diamond of Blood Diamonds on the track.  You’ll also find Steve Duda and The M Machine on the new EP.  Listen to this dark new cut from the EP below and though the description on SoundCloud says free download I have yet to see a link.


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