If you have been keeping up with music so far this year it should go without saying that G Jones is probably on your radar. Boasting a hefty catalogue as it stands already he’s adding a few more tricks to his hat with each tuned wrapped up in his brand spankin’ new ‘Eyes EP’. Having already put out releases on some of my favorite labels (SATURATE!RECORDSMalLabel Music710 Records) this fresh release comes to us on another esteemed imprint, Robox Neotech. Now I can’t say I was all to familiar with these guys as I first stumbled across them but having perused their releases a bit you can definitely tell Robox Neotech knows what’s up when it comes to pushing the boundaries of sound. Now back to our man G Jones. He’s one of those producers who you don’t quite know what to expect when he drops new material, but it’s always on point! With such a diverse production style and uniquely crafted sound on each of his tracks it’s no wonder he has been making some serious waves this year. Coming at us right on the tale end of the summer the ‘Eyes EP’ is just what you need to keep your summer rolling as long as you can stretch it! Now dive on into this seven song vat of bubbly synths, snares, and undulating basslines as G Jones serves up another stellar release. Oh and don’t hesitate to swoop this EP for your collection, everyone needs a good playlist for that long drive out to the Playa next week (if you’re lucky enough to be making the trek)!

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