Need some trill ass bass to get you up and shuffling or to even get that trunk thumpin’ as the weekend takes over? We thought so. If we just so happen to be spot on with that assumption this latest release from the west coasts TASO is exactly what you need. Jammed packed with a mind numbing twenty tracks that range all over from originals, to remixes, to a handful of collaborative efforts with a smorgasbord of other talented producers. Now if you’re already up on TASO’s music than you might recognize a few of these tunes as they came out earlier this year but having them all wrapped up in on download as they are on “Greatest” Hits 2013 is just so damn convenient! There’s isn’t exactly a full set of these tunes streaming online anywhere so we will leave you with some flavors that hopefully hook you in to cop the release in its entirety.

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