Following up after his latest release “The Foundation”, David Heartbreak released the single “Heartbreak Kush” just a few short days ago.  With this release, Heartbreak returns to his Cloud 9 series vibe with a more introspective and relaxed feeling than what one would hear in a club.  The tame and tranquilizing melody composed of soft piano tones and high-pitched, smooth synthesizer patterns will transform your mind to a zen and calming place, capable of losing your mind in the swirling and hynotizing beat.  Whether smoking, relaxing, reflecting or driving, “Heartbreak Kush” brings the relaxed feeling that we all need from time to time to calm our minds.  As always, Heartbreak delves into new waters to explore the way that different and opposite elements can fit together to create a musical soundscape as he’s done with elements of trance and downtempo with this track.  Since the experimentation that Heartbreak exudes leads to successfully composed works that can portray such different emotions from one release to the next, we’re excited to see what Part 4 & 5 of the Cloud 9 series will have in store for us (to be released later this year).

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