Multi talented producer Kid Cedek has taken trap to a new level with a different sound besides the repetitive 808 lines that we’ve all become numb to with this bootleg of GTA, Henrix & Digital Lab‘s “Hit It”. Changing the vibe entirely from the original big room electonica track that was seemingly meant for huge venues and crowds to go wild to that features a composition mainly of modestly simple drum lines, Cedek took to the track at 145 bpm to give the original his unique trap-vibe overhaul.  With deeper and lower synthesizers, this version of trap departs from the boring “formula” and revamps the original elements without an excess of drum, including some portions that could even be mistaken for guitar chords.  Transforming what the expectations are of trap by manipulating original pieces of the puzzle has landed Kid Cedek with a successful track and new perspective.  One can only hope that producers will follow in the plight to push beyond genre definitions and “recipes” to further develop new sounds as Rot 10 president, Kid Cedek has.

Listen / Download : Hit It (Kid Cedek Bootleg) – GTA, Henrix & Digital Lab

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