I’ve been saying for months now that Hot Natured‘s debut album would change the face of music forever, bridging the gap between radio-friendly pop music and the underground deep house scene that has been exploding the last few years. With the release date slotted for September 2nd, the Hot Natured crew gave us a little sneak-preview of their “Different Sides Of the Sun” LP today, taking five tracks and putting them into a nice little mini-mix. Throughout the whole mix, you can hear the fusion of the deep house growling, rolling basslines with the more poppy vocals and synths. In a recent interview with Pulse, Jamie Jones stated that:

“The [Hot Natured] album is very lyric-based; it’s got a concept, and all the songs are in keeping with it, and they’re all songs that are very lyrical-based with meaningful lyrics,” he says, before delving a little into what the concept is about. It’s a story that ties in—it’s kind of science-fiction-based. It also kind of ties in the way that Lee [Foss] and I met. I’ve not gonna give it all away but it ties in some weird stuff to do with, like, planets and spirituality, and, you know—it’s a concept.”

The release will surely break into the billboard charts comes September, and undoubtably be one of the albums of the year! Grab your copy below and recieve the single “Isis” in the process.

Pre-Order: Different Sides of the Sun LP – Hot Natured

Album Sampler Track list:

1. Operate feat. Kenny Glasgow
2. Tightrope
3. Alternate State feat. Roisin Murphy
4. Take You There
5. Mercury Rising feat. Anabel Englund


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