The Australian* Dj and producer Ta-ku released such a party-bumping album this summer titled “REϟTWRK Vol.II”. On his SoundCloud he titles himself as a “genre killer” and this album proves his point. He has such an eclectic approach to his music its amazing all the tracks come from the same person. I especially enjoy the track “Wurkit”. Seriously puts some of Diplo’s tracks to shame and that’s one of the boldest statements I’ve ever made. I’m seriously impressed with this album. Aside from “Wurkit” other tracks to be sure to listen to are “Electronic Relaxation” (uses the back beat from J. Cole’s “Forbidden Fruit” which is actually a drum loop by Falcons), “Hey Justin Part 2” (shout out to my maine Justin Timberlake), and for all you Beyonce fans out there (everyone) check his track “I Love Beyonce”. You can download this entire album off his site right here.

*Earlier today I mixed up some facts about Ta-ku, confusing him with an artist from Japan. I want to thank everyone who corrected me. You’re loyal Ta-ku fans. Respect.


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