When it comes to unique and fresh music, Nicolas Jaar is one of the names that most often comes up.  His style and flexibility through genres makes him unlike many other producers.  Rememeber when Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington remixed Random Access Memories in its entirety, well this same duo known as Darkside, is back with a new album.

Online magazine, Other People, premiered the first 11 minutes of the album, and it’s awe-inspiring. The first eleven minutes (hopefully there will be subsequent offerings over the next couple weeks) functions as one fluid piece.  It is difficult to find the breaks in the tracks if there are any.  The first couple minutes start slowly with organs and soft bass kicks.  Soon trickles of synth-work follow.  From there the tracks pick up speed and offer us an awesome taste of experimental bass music.  Download the first 11 minutes from Darkside’s website today.


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