Still wondering how you’re gonna close this summer out with a bang if you weren’t able to make the trip down to Burning Man this year? Well folks, we have a little seed of an idea we’d like to plant in each one of you to see if it takes and begins to sprout roots. That little seed comes in the form out our Festival Outlook for the quickly approaching Symbiosis Gathering 2013 (#SG13) at the Woodward Reservoir Regional Park in Northern California on September 19th to 23rd, 2013. And it’s only 90 minutes from the Bay Area! Now we know for some of you it might appear that the end of September is an odd time for such a stellar and jammed packed five day retreat into nature with all of our musical cohorts but rest assured this will be the perfect time for each and everyone of your beautiful faces to make Woodward Reservoir home for the weekend to come get down to great tunes (amongst many other activities we will get into soon).

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If you have yet to make the trip out to the West Coast for any of the previous Symbiosis Gathering’s there’s no time like the present! This year the festival got their hands on an amazing new location with what looks to be simply stunning lakeside camping. Yeah that sounds nice and all but guess what, it gets better. On top of the fact you can camp near refreshing crystal clear water that you’re allowed to swim and frolic about in but you’re also gonna be getting down to all of our favorite musical performances right near the lake as well!! Boasting four main stages that will feature talent from the world around it must be solidifying in your mind by now that this is the place you need to be in little under a month from now. In addition to the blatant beauty of the facilities we will have this year SG13 will also coincide with the Harvest Full Moon, the Autumnal Equinox, and the International Day of Peace. To us it’s a no brainer….but some of you might need a little more coaxing.


Before we get too carried away by delving into some of the 200+ artists that will be making appearances this year let us first enlighten you about the other fun things you can get yourself involved in while you’re relaxing in the morning//afternoon sun waiting for that one particular artist to take the stage. Like many other festivals that bring people together for a more collective conscious Symbiosis offers a huge smorgasbord of Activities and Workshops with some very unique and gifted people. A diverse array of yoga and dance classes, world-renowned visual arts, and large-scale art installations couple the activities and workshops available (oh and did we mention these all come with the backdrop of crystal clear waters you can swim in?!) so you can be sure to find something to your liking. Maybe you will even see the sparks to something new in your future while you check out their schedule for all these amazing opportunities (below is little peak at what you can look to expect).

Symbiosis 2013 - 650 Pixel

Now I’m sure some of you are getting a little antsy to scene as we have yet to mention any of the shamanic creators that will be blessing us with music over our five day stay but hold your horses, we’re getting there. With a bill that is staked with so many gifted, unique, and outstanding producers from so many realms of the musical hemisphere it’s fairly daunting to decide who we might showcase to make you all realize where you need to be for this years Autumnal Equinox. Symbiosis is one of those events that year after year still keeps things as fresh as can be; whether it’s by bringing in the biggest names in the game musically or honing on the gifted up and comers they also present us will a lineup that music lovers from all ends of the spectrum can love. This year our ears will be blessed with a wide variety of live and electronic music, global and galactic bass, house, gypsy, sacred and world fusion musical to bring you all back to those primal roots where you can get down under the full moon. Before we get too carried away we will turn it over to the good people at Symbiosis that put this little teaser video together in which you get a little glimpse at the location along with a glimpse at who will all be down there!


Now we know that lineup just sounds outrageous right? But that isn’t it! After that video was published the kind folk over at SG13 let the public in on another huge secret, there would be two big headliners to top that already precarious mountain of talent. Those two treats come in the form of electro jam band Sound Tribe Sector Nine on Saturday and the world renowned ambient psy trance project Shpongle on Sunday. If some of you out there have yet to catch either of these amazing acts in a live setting let us tell you everyone will be bringing their A game to Symbiosis.



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Now comes the time to dive into the rest of this lineup, the daunting task we touched on before. With so many gifted names on the bill we find it kinda hard to pick a place to start from so we figured we would just go day by day to make things easier on all of us! And this way you guys can keep track of who you want to see and what day you’ll have to be on the look out for them. To keep things from getting a little overwhelming and long we all going to give each of you a proper taste of each artist we signal out so you can get a good feeling for everyone that will be throwing down their music at Woodward Reservoir in just a few weeks!

:: Thursday ::

Hudson Mohawke (Glasgow, Britain)


Mr. Carmack (Honolulu,HI)


Danny Corn (Portland, OR)


Radiohiro (Chiacgo, IL)


Hopscotch (Oakland, CA)



:: Friday ::

An-Ten-Nae (Oakland, CA)

Nahko & Medicine for the People (Portland, OR)

Christian Martin (San Francisco, CA)

Djemba Djemba (Los Angeles, CA)

G Jones (Santa Cruz, CA)

JPOD (BC, Canada)

Love and Light (Reno, NV)

Russ Liquid (Oakland, CA)

Vibesquad (Colorado)

Dov (San Francisco, CA)

Grouch (Maui, HI)

Kitty- D (Oakland, CA)

Mihkal (Oakland, CA)

Mustard Tiger (Melbourne, AUS)

Plantrae (Portland, OR)

:: Saturday ::

STS9 (Set Above)

RL Grime (Los Angeles, CA)

Lunice (Montreal, Canada)

Star Slinger (Britain, UK)

Cashmere Cat (Oslo, Norway)

Lee Foss (Britain, UK)

Lapalux (Britain, UK)

Random Rab (San Francisco, CA)

Saul Williams (Paris, France)

Bluetech (US)

BOGL vs Dials (San Francisco, CA)

Samo Sound Boy (Los Angeles, CA)

Thriftworks (San Francisco, CA)

Edward Castillo (Los Angeles, CA)

Griff (Melbourne, AUS)

Jupiter (Los Angeles, CA)

Knowa Knowone (San Francisco, CA)

Staunch (Melbourne, AUS)

:: Sunday ::

Shpongle DJ (Simon Posford) (Set Above)

Mount Kimbie (London, Britain)

IAMAMIWHOAMI (Stockholm, Sweden)

Brodinski (Paris, France)

Chet Faker (Melbournce, AUS)

Ryan Hemsworth (Canada)

French Fries (Paris, France)

GAUDI (London, Britain)

Michal Menert (Denver, CO)

Bird of Prey (Santa Cruz, CA)

The Human Experience (Oakland, CA)

Kaminanda (BC, Canada)

Sidecar Tommy (Oakland, CA)

:: Monday ::

Emancipator (Portland, OR)

Mosca (London, Britain)


Kayla Scintilla (AUS)

Ana Sia (Los Angeles, CA)

Bird of Prey (Set Above)

Dub Kirtan All Stars (DJ Set) (World)

The Human Experience (Set Above)

Kaminanda (Set Above)

Max Ulis (Vancouver, Canada)

And if this musical smattering isn’t enough we will even leave you with a little recap of this previous years Symbiosis Gathering so you can really get some visual stimulation to really get you making some moves and making some plans to get on our to Northern California for this years gathering! With so much great music, such great activities, workshops, and art we know it’s a hard thing to resist so start shuffling that schedule of yours around so you know you will have that last weekend in September free to take a little break. Come enjoy the shining sun and moon while meeting all sorts of wonderful people along the shores of the Woodward Reservoir.

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