Texas born, Andrew Hoke is the name behind one of my favorite and very under-appreciated producers.  We’re of course talking about Bird Peterson.  Though his tracks might go unheard by a wide audience, he is the busy label manager at Teenage Riot Records too (MSTRKFTS’ start-up).  Not only that, Bird goes under the alias of Drankenstein too.  Drankenstein gives his fans updated throwbacks and remixes that are more than worthy of a few listens.

Bird Peterson gives us a new remix today from one of the most talked about young artists right now, Disclosure.  The young duo killed it on their debut album and resulted in dozens of remixes of each and every track.  Bird Peterson put his touch on “Second Chance” and gave the track that smooth floaty bass it was missing.  The lead-synth work is like echoing lasers through space, and the bass rumbles on throughout the track as if being played through water.  Give this trill remix a whirl, you won’t regret it.


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