Friends of Friends music is a great source of music for people that are looking for electronic music that is a bit different.  It’s difficult to pin-point exactly what it is, but their selection in artists and tracks never disappoints because more-often-than-not the tracks are very refreshing.  Give their SoundCloud page a listen, I think you’ll find exactly what I mean.

Today, Friends of Friends premiers the second track from Kyson’s new album, The Water Ways.  The first track, titled “Missing Things” debuted a month ago, listen here Kyson, a German-born producer gives his tracks slow-moving life through hazy, drone-like soundscapes, distant vocal bits and layers of noise from different instruments.  In “How Long” we’re given a gradual build of sounds that rise and fall throughout the track with a retro feel, as if driving a car through a neon-lite city at midnight in slow-motion. Red Bull Music Academy just released this video interview with Kyson, so if you want to learn more about this young artists, click here.  Pre-order Kyson’s The Water Ways now or purchase the album on September 24th.


Kyson on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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