You’ve probably never heard such a sad song about cats?  “Catzzz” is the first original track (as far as I can tell) from mysterious project known as Beta Crystals.  Our friends Bad Panda Records picked up the track for release and they’ve never disappointed before so I trust that Beta Crystals will one day have many tracks that I know and love.  Beta Crystals is like a new-born right now.  One track, a few likes on Facebook, fewer followers on Twitter, but this song will certainly boost those numbers.  The track is a weird mix of chillwave, witch house, house music and indie-electronic.  The soft, sorrow-stricken vocals imply sadness, and the erie violin parts that come in later only enforce it, but this track is pretty infectious despite its sadness.  Fans of indie-dance, chillwave and creative house music will certainly enjoy this one!


Beta Crystals on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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