Over the past few weeks it seems Deadmau5 can’t find his way out of the studio.  The man that brought electronic music to the limelight years ago has been full-steam ahead with releasing new, yet unfinished, works on SoundCloud.  This isn’t out of the ordinary for Joel Zimmerman, he often uploads his unfinished productions.  Perhaps he does it for feedback or many he just likes to give his fans an idea of what he’s doing, either way, it’s interesting seeing where his music is taking him with recent uploads.  “Errors In My Head/Bread” caught my attention this morning in a big way.  The instrumental track (“Errors In My Bread) is an outstanding feel-good electronic track that lends itself to the title.  Distorted, error-like sounds make up the track, but don’t let that discourage you.  Maybe this is just the start of a new LP for Deadmau5?  Maybe just tracks that never were finished, who knows with Joel.

Listen to the track with the “I Remember” vocals set to it.  It’s actually a pretty beautiful reimagination of the timeless track.


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