artworks-000056471913-4bzpl5-t500x500Dpat released In Bloom via Soulection a couple days ago.  This seven track adventure through a lush, dreamy, atmosphere is engulfed in sensual vocal samples.  As typical of many other forward-thinking artists on the Soulection label, Dpat delivers us with uplifting down-tempo soundscapes infused with soulful r&b samples.  Dpat caught my attention with his single “Above Us” featuring production from Sango and vocals from Isles a few weeks back reminds me very much of the ever talented James Blake, this track was also featured on our Sunday Music Relief #25.  This LP is only seven tracks long and not a single one is skip able, although there are a few standout tracks.

The use of indistinguishable vocal samples is littered throughout the album, a Blue Hawaii-esque style of production has been mastered by this 23 year old Soulection artist reigning from Houston.  I have no idea what the samples are saying overlying the hip hop style of production “Over”, and I think it’s pretty dope whenever an artist is able to allow their audience to use their imagination when determining what samples are actually saying, because in this case it’s nothing.  “Flourish” is the only other song crediting a vocalist (Atu), which seems to serve as a mellow transition track in the album.

This sophomore album truly showcases Dpat’s ability to compile many layers in each song.  The track “Cutthroat”, for instance layers a drum beat, synths, mallets, and soulful vocal samples chopped up and perfectly placed.  The producer I find myself reminded of most while listening to the second half of this LP is Corin from Purity Ring,, especcially on “Deloused”.  This sixth track is probably my favorite on the LP because the beat itself is a pitched down moan drawn out and accompanied by creeping synths, chopped vocals, syncopated drums, and mallets.  “Bloom” ends the album in a drippy whine of gasping pitched up vocal loops drown in oscillating synths.  This album is one of my favorite down-tempo projects of the year right behind Lapalux‘s Nostalgic.

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