How can you say that Bryan? North Coast Music Festival hasn’t even finished and there couldn’t be any possible way that one of the UK’s finest producers of electronic music delivered a set worthy of being called “the best.” Well let me tell you folks, Skream’s headlining after party show at Bottom Lounge this past Saturday was hands down THE BEST set I’ve seen all summer long. Follow me as I explain the facts behind this statement in five minutes or less.

1. Skreamizm

As Skream took the stage to begin his set, people in the crowd began to murmur that they were most exited to hear some of the best dubstep/drum & bass music this weekend had to offer. Not only did Skream not play one track from either genre but, had a set entirely consisted of a deep house orientated tracks that had the whole crowd dancing from start to finish regardless.


2. Track Selection

We hope to the high heavens that someone at Bottom Lounge planned ahead and recorded Skeam’s set. His track selection and transitions between songs were top notch in every way, shape and form. Edits of Hot Natured’s “Reverse Skydiving,” Storm Queen’s “Look Right Through (MK Don’t Talk To Me)” and Breach’s “Jack” made their way through the sound system at various times throughout the night.


3. The Commentary

Having seen Skream on several occasions leading up to this show, I’ve come to understand that at some point during the night we’d be treated to some lovely commentary of the highest caliber. Skream didn’t disappoint and shared his feelings with the crowd half way through his set and had everyone chuckling. That countdown to the drop at 0:33 was just the icing on the cake.


4. The Ender

Skream signed off on his time at North Coast Music Festival by playing a wonderful rendition of Prince’s “I Wanna Be Your Lover.” What you can’t see from this video is how many people were slow dancing with significant others or complete strangers as this track took us to the late night after party. Big S/O to Skream, React Presents, Silver Wrapper and North Coast Music Festival for making this all happen!


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