Happy Colors
 is on the tip of everyone’s tongue in the moombah/twerk scene these days. Hailing from the Dominican Republic, residing in Miami, and sporting a dope fro-hawk, the young producer is bringing back the latin flavors that propelled moombahton into the limelight. His newest EP Twerka Domicana – released through Latino Resiste records – showcases the kid’s knack for layering sub driven grooves atop a sea of obscure sample work (primarily from old latin and dancehall records).

Tracks like “Santo Domingo” pay homage to the older schools of moombahton, complete with driving dembow rhythms and squeeky lead synth lines – although with a decidedly playful vibe. Other cuts on the record – such as “El Tra” (with Hammo Sung) feature more prominent trap influences; half time 808 drops and flurries of high hat rolls sit well with Happy Colors pitch warped and chopped vocal samples.

This record truly is a breath of fresh air for moombahton fans, but displays a degree of variety that should appeal to all lovers of bass music. Download the EP in its entirety below and keep an eye on this guy.

Listen: Happy Colors – Twerka Domicana EP

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