artworks-000056541842-of1w1a-t500x500Hayden James is one of those artists you hear for the first time and immediately ask “who is this”?   The young Aussie produces music out of Sydney for the Future Classic label alongside acts such as Flume and Classixx.  He’s only had a Facebook page since April 28th, and I can only imagine Hayden James is going to be around for a while.  Future Classic is one of the most forward-thinking labels out there, and this young artist fits the part perfectly beautiful down-tempo synth struts alongside impeccably placed vocals from Hayden himself.

This EP is a narrative of a love story as told by Hayden James.  He claims Daft Punk’s Discovery was his biggest influence during his interview with The Ripe (read here), although I don’t see many elements from Discovery in this EP.  The Song “Permission To Love” is one of those songs you hear and then start it from the beginning right when it ends.  The use of pitched down vocals during the hook might just be my favorite use of chopped, pitched vocals by any artist ever.  With over 400,000 plays and countless releases of remixes since it’s release in June, it’s safe to say “Permission To Love” was one of the biggest songs this summer.

I really wish Hayden James would’ve released this EP at the beginning of summer so I could have been bumping these feel-good jams in the sun everyday.  “No Time” is the one track that really differentiates itself from the others because the vocals featured are those of a woman’s.  Perhaps this was done to get the female perspective on the album, because after all it is a love story.  The vocalist chosen for this role add a perfect touch to the swimming synths and bouncing, pitched down vocals.  This EP included two versions of the song “Embrace”, and I think that’s really dope.  The original version of this track already sounds like a chopped & screwed remix due to the flawless use of vocal effects on his own voice.  I think it’s safe to say Future Classic is one of the most innovative labels out there, and I look forward to whatever else this Australian label has up their sleeve.

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