Disco is still alive in the windy city.  With thanks to electronic bands like Hey Champ, we’re still smiling ear to ear with nu-disco delight.  Hey Champ is a two-piece electronic band that has made my original get into nu-disco oriented music.  If you’re familiar with Hey Champ then there is little chance you’ve forgotten about their hit “Cold Dust Girl“.  They released the track three years ago but I still find myself revisiting the track often.  The duo has shared the stage with the likes of Duck Sauce, Chromeo and other funky performers.  The duo released their newest single, “On Holiday” just hours ago and I am already finding myself humming the melody of this tune.  Ever listened to tropical house?  Well, if not, you’re in for a treat with this new one.  A light and infectious beat, some bongos and the soothing voice of Saam Hagshenas make this track irresistible.


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