A year and a half in the making, London based electronic producer, Mountain Range, releases his Adjustments EP.  Mountain Range (born Stuart Thomas) captured my attention with his track “It’s Lonely Around People, Too“.  A nine-minute epic that captures emotion and energy throughout the track.  Hopefully, if you’re open-minded to new music, you’ll find the beauty in Mountain Range’s simple electronic beats too.

Today our friends at Bad Panda Records released Mountain Range’s new EP.  The EP contains four tracks, each one building on top of the other, creating one fluid four track piece that is not to be missed.  “A Silence In Three Parts” opens the EP on the perfect note.  A track that emits a feel-good vibe throughout the whole track.  “Only Half Anywhere” is a thunderous rolling drum-emphasized track that will catch you bobbing your head to the infectious synth melody.  The third track, “Haze” speaks for itself.  Drone like synth-work lies underneath the bells and whistles that characterize the track.  Closing out the EP is “The Past Is The Past Is The Past”.  The final track takes us slowly to a close with lullaby-like production. Adjustments, in full, reminds me of The Postal Service beats.  Subtract the lyrics from each track on Give Up and you’d probably find yourself thinking the production on Adjustments is very similar.

For just a few dollars you can own these four expertly-crafted tracks.  They’re perfect for long drives, late nights and anything in between.  Mountain Range is certainly doing it right on this EP.


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