Over the past few months we’ve been teased with the idea of The Arcade Fire’s new album, well now you can put that worry aside.  The Arcade Fire announced in July that their fourth studio album, Reflector, will be released on October 29th.  Only a couple months of waiting stand between you and a fresh list of tracks that change life like Funeral, Neon Bible and The Suburbs did in the past years.  The Arcade Fire have been recording with James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem as producer, and another fun fact; The Acrade Fire is scoring the upcoming Spike Jonze film, Her.

Will we see the first bit of music on September 9th at 9PM?  We’ve got a good feeling, and so should you.  Watch the album teaser video below.  The video features footage of recording the record, silhoutetted performers and ever building strings.  The track in the video sounds great already, let’s just hope the first single lives up to the hype they’ve created over the years!  See what happens on September 9th at 9PM.


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