Ian Munro Wedgie

Ian Munro is packing a lot of heat these days – especially when you consider the young New Zealand based producer is only 18 years old. Ian specializes in the recent 100bpm twerk movement – shuffling, swaggering beats is where he finds himself most at home, and “Wedgie” is no exception – although its certainly a step up from his previous material.  You may have spotted Ian taking a crack at the infamous Team Supreme beat cyphers, which I suspect is where he got the inspiration to pull in more traditional hip-hop grooves for this tune. “Wedgie” plods along with Dillon Francis-esque manipulated vocal samples, and a groove that would feel more at home on a straight hip-hop record than the twerk tunes you might see being pushed by the rest of the pack. A warbly lead synth gives way to a well curated biggie sample, while a bouncy 808 line keeps things lively and grooving.  Unlike a majority of twerk records, this tune would sit equally well being bumped in your living room as it would on the dance floor.   Looking forward to hearing more from this budding producer.

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