Bubblegum featuring CRNKN - Jackal

Bubblegum featuring CRNKN – Jackal

Jackal and CRNKN are two of the trap scene’s most talked about up-and-coming producers, and they have recently joined forces to create a bubble-poppin’ and twerk-filled jam called “Bubblegum”. Featuring down-pitched vocal samples and a bouncy drum line,  these two young producers have proven that they have “the trap formula” down pat, and this newest free download is nothing short of the perfect party starter to prove it. What we like the most about this track is its variety in percussive sounds, as everything from bed-squeaks to tambourines to body-moving snares will cross your eardrums in the track’s three and a half minute duration, so if you like what you hear just snag the free download and show these young guns some love!


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